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Expat in Germany: Stuttgart Haupbahnhof (Main Station)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Stuttgart Haupbahnhof (Main Station)

The Stuttgart Haupbahnhof is a hot controversial topic. Construction has already started on the project called Stuttgart 21, since the project completion date is 2021. Government officials argue that the project is necessary for economic development and that it will benefit the entire state of Baden-Württemberg since it would make Stuttgart an integral rail link between West and East Europe. Residents argue that it's a waste of money at a hefty 4.1 billion € and that ten years of construction in busy downtown Stuttgart is not worth the inconvenience. It would be one of the largest construction projects in all of Europe. In addition, the project would destroy part of the landmark Stuttgart Haupbahnhof.

Protestors have been taking to the streets in the tens of thousands. Last week there were 20,000 protesters including those that were too young to walk. In my conversations with Stuttgarters, most of them think the proposed Stuttgart Haupbahnhof is a waste of money and not worth the inevitable traffic delays.

I haven't been in Stuttgart long enough to form an opinion yet, but find it an extremely interesting debate. Is thinking of traffic delays for ten years short term thinking? How long will it take to recoup the substantial investment? Economic development at what cost? I throw these questions out to you for your thoughts on the controversial Stuttgart Haupbahnhof.

Photo of the current Stuttgart Haupbahnhof courtesy of:

Photos of the proposed Stuttgart Haupbahnhof

More info on the proposed Stuttgart Haupbahnhof

Info on the current Stuttgart Haupbahnhof


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