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Expat in Germany: Stuttgart Sommerfest - A Famous Stuttgart Festival

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Stuttgart Sommerfest - A Famous Stuttgart Festival

The Stuttgart Sommerfest is one of the most popular Stuttgart festivals.   This year 400,000 people sampled various eats and wines.  J.P. hadn't been in 10 years since he doesn't like crowds but agreed to go with me.  He was right, it was extremely crowded, making it difficult to move and we couldn't find anyplace to eat that didn't have a long line up as is typical of the Stuttgart Sommerfest.  We were getting ready to give up and head to a restaurant down the ,which seemed a pity when all the food around us smelled delicious but we were hungry.  Fortunately he then spotted an open table (being 6'5" has its advantages).  We lucked out!  Not only was a salsa band serenading us, but I had the most tantalizing Gnocci with Gorgonzola sauce that I've ever had in my life! 

I would highly recommend attending the Stuttgart Sommerfest, it's beautiful with the opera lit up in the background and it's buzzing with energy, but would not recommend going at peak times if you're hungry (we went on a Saturday night).  More info: Stuttgart Sommerfest. More photos:  Stuttgart Sommerfest

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