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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sundays in Germany

After an 18 hour flight from Palau where we had a fantastic diving holiday, we arrived at Frankfurt International Airport on early Sunday morning.  There was nothing unusual about this, until J.P. said we had to eat at the airport.  I was tired and eager to get home, not wanting to spend anymore time in yet another airport.  So why was this necessary?  Because on Sundays in Germany, everything is closed.   Well that's not entirely true, bakeries are open until noon so that Germans can get their fresh morning bread and coffee shops and restaurants are also open, but everything else is closed on Sundays in Germany - including grocery stores and shopping malls.  And of course we had no groceries at home since we were gone for 2 weeks.    Fortunately some German friends were kind enough to appreciate our dilemma and offered up some cheese and fruit which we snacked on through the day and then despite longing for a home cooked meal, we went out for dinner again.  Monday morning I was at the grocery store bright and early.  Yes, sometimes living as an expat makes you appreciate your own country.

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