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Friday, July 16, 2010

Romance in Germany

While Germans may not be known for their romantic ways as the French are, I have found that romance in Germany exists, it's just a bit more subtle.  Such was the case on my second day in Germany, when J.P. (my German fiancĂ©) came home for lunch for the first time in twelve years because he missed me - ahhh, how sweet.  Who said romance in Germany didn't exist?

The sweetness was soon accompanied by more typical German behaviour though when I asked him how his tuna sandwich was.  He tried to respond in a polite Canadian way for my benefit, but it became apparent that a sandwich without cheese and fish from a can is not a suitable lunch and clearly German sandwiches with their fresh bread, cheese and stacked deli meat are superior to American (as he calls them) sandwiches.  Hmmm....he might have a point there.  At any point, I'm sure that by living as an expat in Germany I will learn more about the virtues of German vs. American food in the months to come. 

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