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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Residence Permit for Germany

Obtaining a residence permit for Germany is a two step process but very confusing.  First you must go to the town hall of the area you are living and apply to be a resident of this area.  Perhaps one of the most confusing things about applying for a residence permit in Germany are the waiting rooms. You wait in the hallway, then a green light and buzzer go off when it is your turn to go in. A red light above the door means do not enter. This is often confusing, especially if you're not sure if you're waiting at the right door and you can't go in and ask since the red light is on. Further complicating obtaining a residence permit for Germany is that most employees in the Town Halls/Immigration Offices don't speak English. I'm so lucky to have J.P. who finds the whole process confusing and he's German. I've checked off the first part of obtaining a residence permit for Germany as I am now officially a resident in Stammheim, Stuttgart. Yeah! Next week comes the more difficult part of ensuring I have all my documents in place to actually obtain the residence permit for Germany. Fingers crossed.

Residence permit for Germany photo of Stammheim Rathaus where I registered as a citizen of Stuttgart.

Step 1 Applying to be a residence of Germany (this post)
Step 2  Ensuring you have appropriate health insurance valid for a residence permit in Germany (following this post)
Step 3  Success in obtaining a resident  permit in Germany (following this post)

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