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Expat in Germany: Culture Shock in Germany

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Culture Shock in Germany

I haven't experienced much culture shock in Germany since arriving but on Saturday night I experienced a mild form of culture shock in Germany.  We went to a BBQ for a local dive shop.   After the BBQ, the thank you speeches started.   J.P. translated them for me and they went something like "Marcus used to help me a lot but now he doesn't since he's so busy with his job, but thank you" or "Katrina didn't help me much all year, but she did help me organize this event, so thank you."  I was surprised that every one of the thank you speeches insulted the person being thanked in some form or another.  Later, I asked J.P. about this and he said the dive shop owner was just being honest  and no one would have been insulted (except for me I guess).  J.P. was used to these type of speeches he didn't even noticed the negativity until I pointed it out.  I expected to experience some culture shock in Germany, but not in the form of thank you speeches - you just never know what form culture shock in Germany may appear.

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No dirndls at the BBQ, just bizarre thank you speeches.  Culture shock in Germany photo courtesy of:



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